Summer Vegetable Kebabs


1/2 cup dry white wine

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. freshly ground pepper

1/4 cup olive oil

1 small eggplant, about 1/2 lb., trimmed and cut into chunks

2 zucchini, trimmed and cut into chunks

2 yellow squashes, trimmed and cut into chunks

1 red onion, quartered lengthwise and separated into double-thick wedges

1 red bell pepper, seeded and cut into large pieces

16 large cremini mushrooms, trimmed

2 Tbs. purchased pesto

Prepare the grill

Prepare a hot fire in a grill. Soak 8 long bamboo skewers in water to cover while the grill heats, then drain just before using.

Prepare the vegetables

In a large bowl, whisk together the wine, salt and pepper. Gradually whisk in the olive oil. Add the eggplant, zucchini, yellow squashes, onion wedges, bell pepper and mushrooms and toss gently to coat evenly. Let stand for 5 minutes. Thread the vegetables onto the skewers, dividing the eggplant, zucchini and yellow squashes, onion, bell pepper and mushrooms evenly between the skewers. Pour any remaining marinade into a small bowl.

Grill the kabobs

Lightly oil the grill rack. Place the skewers on the grill and cover. Grill, turning as needed to cook evenly and basting occasionally with the reserved marinade, until all the vegetables are tender, 8 to 10 minutes.


Jen’s friend Maricel


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