Daddy’s Secret Spaghetti Sauce


Keep this within the family.


Olive oil,

2 cups finely chopped onions

1 head finely chopped garlic

Lean ground meat, large size from Costco,

4 cans tomato sauce

4 canned (cubed) tomatoes

1 large PREGO spaghetti sauce



Sautee onion and garlic on olive oil till cooked and soft,

Add meat and mix together, stir occasionally to prevent burning at bottom, remove excess liquid from top, till almost dry. Make sure meat is thoroughly cooked. This is very important, to prevent watery sauce and to remove excess fats.

Add PREGO, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, rinse cans one at a time and pour excess wash liquid to mixture in pot,

Add parsley, etc, to taste,

NO SALT required,


Stir occasionally for even cooking and to prevent bottom burning,

Simmer, and don’t forget to continue stirring bottom, I learned the hard way,


Cook noodles as per box instruction, usually 10 minutes in boiling water.


Serve and enjoy

And you will always remember who gave you this secret sauce while you’re enjoying it….


Juancho (Daddy)



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