Super Amazing Beef Chili


My favourite thing in the world to make.


2               onions, chopped

2-3           cloves of garlic

4-5           celery stalks, chopped

Some     oregano

A few      bay leaves

A lot of  chili powder

A bit of cocoa powder

1 lb          Ground beef ( I think it’s 1 lb, doesn’t matter…just add a lot of beef!!).

2-3           Cans of diced tomatoes

3 cans   red kidney beans


Sautee onions and garlic in oil until translucent. Add celery and cook. Season with oregano, chili powder and salt and pepper. Remove from pan. Cook ground beef. Season with oregano, chili powder, salt and pepper. Mix with vegetables. Add diced tomatoes and beans. Add a lot more chili powder. Add some cocoa powder, just to give a bit of depth. Add bay leaves and then bring to boil and then lower to simmer, for a really long time.

*Note: you can do a mixture of pork and beef to make it extra special. Mom said you could also add tomato paste. I don’t usually have tomato paste but I GUESS it’s also acceptable.





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